Why Email makes way more money than social media

I love hearing someone say email is more engaging than social media.

Because... a lot of people think, "Nobody checks email... their inbox is flooded with thousands of other emails they won't read"

But it's the same thing with social media. You're competing with attention.

That same person you think won't read your emails, is also friends with hundreds (maybe thousands) of others on FB...

...and they're following way more people on social media, too.

And each time you post, you're betting that the algorithm is gonna show them your post instead of other's they follow.

Which, it might not.

Time and time again, the brands I work with get WAY more engagement from their emails than they do sending a social post.

And for those thinking, "Well what about all the comments & likes?"

You can still generate replies with emails too, and those replies often come with much higher buyer intent too from your leads.

So yes... that's a separate idea for another post...

But I will say the whole, "DM'ing someone after they engage with your post" thing... will convert less than talking to someone who replies to your emails.

In fact, one of my clients got 8 replies from an email I wrote for them.

This was completely automated too, meaning they didn't lift a single finger to get those replies...

And their average lead is worth over $200,000.

So this can be extremely profitable for you, depending on your business size and revenue model.

I'll share more methods and specific proof in the future.

Hope this was eye-opening for you though.


P.S. Just in case you're someone with an email list looking for more replies, booked calls, and sales, there's a chance I might be able to help...

And all you'd need to do is send an email to support@matthommel.com with the subject line: "Matt Hommel's Private VIP Waitlist", and then, tell me a little bit about your business and your email list.

P.P.S. There's a specific reason for that subject line:

I get a lot of unsolicited emails. But I can see that subject line even with a blindfold on...

I can almost smell it, like a shark smelling blood in their "underwater email inbox."

I'm not a shark though, I'm harmless and we could probably have some fun working together if you're interested. Whenever the time is right, send an email to support@matthommel.com, and ensure you use the subject line: Matt Hommel's Private VIP Waitlist, otherwise I might miss it or ignore it.

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