How to Use ChatGPT to Write Better Emails

One of my favorite things about ChatGPT, is how much in common it has with chameleons.

My #1 favorite thing, is how one of these commonalities can help you write better emails.

This commonality is so awesome, I didn't even believe it when I first saw it—(you might not either!)

It's almost like...

If I were to tell you:

"Hey, [Your name], pretend you're Usain Bolt and run a 100-meter dash"...

And instead of you running that 100-meter dash at your normal pace... actually ran it in 9.58 seconds like Usain Bolt did!

And the shocking part is...

You can take this same approach when you tell ChatGPT to write an email for you...

To get 10x better results.

For example, instead of telling ChatGPT, "write me a story-based email to help me sell my product... here's details about my product" or whatever...

...You can tell it, "You're a world class direct response copywriter who specializes in writing attention grabbing, highly-engrossing, story-based, marketing emails. You are a master in the underlying principles of human emotion, persuasion and influence. Your emails not only instantly grab readers attention, they also HOLD that attention flawlessly."

That's a mouth full.

But when you tell ChatGPT that second prompt, you get a completely different version of ChatGPT.

You can also tell it to write like Gary Halbert, or insert whatever other copywriter. Or write the story like George Lucas. And other similar things.

The secret sauce, is the "identity" statement you give it (i.e. You're an x who specializes in y).

When you tell ChatGPT to be something, it tends to listen.

So well... it's almost unbelievable.

If you use ChatGPT to help you write emails to sell more of your products or book more calls...

Next time you do so, try using one of these identity statements. And the output will be 10x better.

Hope this was insightful.

P.S. It might take a bit to get the prompt right, but once you do, you'll be pumping out high-converting emails like gangbusters...

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