How to Tell a Fake Sorry From a Real Sorry

Sometimes, when you’ve done wrong by someone, a real genuine apology goes a long way.

You might think sorry doesn’t cut it.

I disagree, because ‘sorry’ has cut it for me profoundly over the last year.

Thing is, there’s a lot of half-hearted apologies or fake ones that float around.

I know a genuine apology from a weak one.

And I’ve given them.

I’ve had people I’ve worked with reach out to me on a Saturday out of nowhere and say, “Just wanna apologize for…”

…And then proceeded with a long genuine explanation.

What’s cool is when you know people, you can tell what’s true & what’s not.

I even apologized to one of my friends.

I made a joke about something over text and they didn’t like it.

I didn’t realize it bothered them until weeks later.

I was shocked.

Honestly poured my heart out in that apology.

Things were okay 30 seconds later.

They were actually qualifying themselves to me, “It’s actually not that big a deal.”


But I think the thing is, you can tell when someone is genuine and when they’re not.

You can’t manufacture caring.

You can’t manufacture a genuine apology.

I don’t think there’s a skillful way of delivering an apology, IMO.

You just deliver it.

And you mean it.

When it’s genuine, the person receiving the apology, can FEEL the emotion in the writing.

The same way readers can FEEL the emotion in the marketing copy you put out.

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