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From name: Matt Hommel
Subject line: “How does your email list management service work?”
Prev. text: ^^That's what people who land on this page are usually wondering, so I went ahead & outlined the process for you below 👇  (3 min read)…

ATTENTION: Currently, this service is only available to businesses that are already making between $1MM to $18MM in ARR.

What niche/industry is this for? 

This is for Course Creators, Continuing Education (CE) Businesses, and Financial Businesses (Financial Trading/Newsletters, and VC/PE funds).

-I run lists for all 4 of these niches btw-

What makes this better than others? 

what makes my email list management service 10x better than all the other options out there…

Is that I use a Special System called the “Email Growth Marketing System.”

This Special System lets me scale email accounts like the best media buyers scale their ad accounts.

And I mean it when I say, the goal really is to help you scale your email account the same way media buyers scale ad accounts.

If you’re not looking to grow and scale, this service definitely is not for you…

I want to scale, how does this help me do that?

Well, the first thing we wanna do is know what you're actual goals are for the company. 

We wanna know what you've done historically, and then where you wanna take things in the future. 

Without this transparency, I can't really help you...

Because I don't have the right data to optimize for. 

(Eg. you did $1.5M in ARR last year in the business, $150k came from email (10% of sales). but this year, you're starting to invest more into email infrastructure. And you'd like to see email pull more weight...

Maybe you're building out the team more, or you know ads are getting more expensive, and you're ramping up content, so you're hiring more people for your organic social media, blogs, etc.) 

Let's say we wanna grow the company 20%, which is standard and beats inflation. 

Well, we'll have to do 20% more in email revenue at a minimum, right? 

Of course, we factor in all channels combined... but for simplicity, let's just say we wanna grow email revenue by 20%, since that's how much we wanna grow the company as a whole. 

This also lets us ensure the business is healthy, and is generating appropriate proportions of its revenue across each sales channel. 

Plus, it allows for predictability for easy, steady growth. 

Lastly, we factor in the cyclical nature of your business's industry, too. 

Some of our education clients have those semester rush periods. 

We factor in all of this with our forecasting. If you have this data and are tracking it great. But if you don't, we can help you set it up as part of a consulting service to help you grow & scale—just as an FYI. 

How does this service work? What's the process? 

This isn't some "packaged" agency service that we copy/paste across all our clients. 

Everything is custom, which allows us to produce the best results for each individual client, putting their scaling goals first. 

This is one of the reasons why we are highly selective. 

In this service, I’m taking everything I’ve learned after generating over $30,000,000 online & managing lists that do $15k+ per blast…

And it’s basically like me serving as your Email Marketing Director.

Unlike my email copy service, where I just give you the email copy in a document...

In this service, I actually go into your email platform, build & design the email, and schedule it to go out to your list.

And when you book your call, I can show you this exact process, along with my portfolio, too.

Writing, building & designing campaigns, and scheduling them to your list isn't the only thing you get in this service... 

Because I really care about you getting back more time for yourself, while making more money from your email list & getting closer to your company's vision...

Here's what I also do for my clients in this service:

✅ Build out custom automations for you to squeeze out more email revenue & increase C-LTV

✅  Create custom email segments to ensure the right person gets the right email at the right time

✅ Do all the data & reporting, so we can double down on what's working and ditch what's not working

✅ Test & optimize all emails before they go out to ensure they land in the primary inbox

✅ And, of course, ensure good deliverability and list hygiene.

So, in this service, everything email-wise is off your plate.

That way, you can save more time by not having to manage email marketing yourself or manage a team of copywriters, developers, designers, and so on.

Yes, I'll re-route your DNS records if you give me access to the account, or I'll instruct your developer on what to do. 

And I'll even provide the documentation & API implementation notes...

Because I've been doing this for years, generating tens of millions of dollars for premium clients, and as I result—I can now fluently speak "developer language." 

Now, as I'm sure you know, there's tons of little "details" and unique circumstances, so I could not possibly fit all of these little details on this page. 

At the same time, I doubt you care about all that anyways. 

You just want to work with someone who's already running lists for premium clients. 

And you want it done for you. 

And you want it done right. 

Or, done-for-you—the right way as I like to call it.

If, by now, you're feeling like us working together will get you to where you're looking to go in your business, you can click the button below to schedule your call. 

Otherwise, if you really want some more specifics, here's one more thing:

What are the "Project Deliverables?" 

I often save this for last because I've had some of my more sophisticated clients tell me, "I'm not looking for a packaged service." 😂

They just want things done, and to reach their goals. 

We have a couple different plans we offer clients typically, ranging from 3 emails/week to daily emails to even 2x emails/day (DR clients mostly). 

On the other hand, I have Private Equity Clients, where we mail on average once per week, with heavier mailing frequency during tax season. 

Now, if you're one of those really sophisticated potential clients, who knows EXACTLY what they want...

And you're just looking for that one specific puzzle piece to fit into your entire system (basically, "Here's what I need an email marketer to do for me" type thing), book your call now.

The sooner you book that call, the sooner we can have you working on more important things in the business for faster & easier growth.

Like Tony Robbins would say, "Change Happens Now."

And if you keep doing what you've been doing, then you'll keep getting what you've always gotten. (That's a mouth full, I know)...

The point is, your already here. It'll take you more time to do more research or scroll through more of my content, so it's likely way more cost-effective to just click the button below and book your call. Book your call today, just to get the conversation started.

And leave the credit card in a separate room if you'd like, because we're doing this just to start the conversation. I'll only take your money if you demand I do so, because you can't wait any longer for me to start saving you time and making you more money. 

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Also, here's some proof below, in case you wanna scroll & take a look:

"new customer acquisition and ascension, and increased revenue..."

“Matt’s project-specific work drove conversions across multiple campaigns with fresh ideas, new angles and actionable copy. His attention to detail, story-telling and personal connection through his copywriting resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, new customer acquisition and ascension, and increased revenue for the company.”

John Hutchinson

Co-Founder, Traders Reserve LLC (Financial/Digital Education), 2-time ClickFunnels Comma Club Award Winner

"my go to asset for all things email & marketing related."

“Matt is a marketing ninja! He helped us drive multiple sales through an email campaign we were planning for a major company-sponsored event. His ability to strategize, deliver the right words to the right audience, and write persuasive copy is unrivaled. He is certainly my go to asset for all things email & marketing related.”

Nikos Georgantas

Co-founder & CPO, OneRoof (SaaS), Forbes 30 Under 30

"Excellent Business Strategist Who Helped With The Entire Demand Gen Funnel."

Mike Hubert

Co-Founder, OZ FundHub & Founder, The Hubert Group

"150 NEW customers and growing..."

Tony Lauto

CEO, Front Society

Here's $150,000 I Generated From Just One Email...

And Here's $76,518 I Generated From a 4-Email Campaign:

Plus, Another $87,219 From This 4-Email Campaign Here...

Here's a brand I generated $110,895.65 for in just 6 days; I built custom automations for this brand & then re-launched their course with a 6-email campaign. What if your Klaviyo account also looked like this:

I Completely ANNIHILATED this Sales Page Control by Over 30%! 

(Before working together, the business had a 1.90% CVR; my new sales page got a 2.47% CVR; 2.47 is 30% higher than 1.90, which means I boosted CVR and sales by 30.48%.

"increased my open rates by 9% and my click rates by over .4%."

“Hello, Matt. I just wanted to say thank you to your and your team. When you and your team came in, you were able to increase my open rates my 9% and my click rates by over .4%. It's been an upward trend for me since you've all came in and helped and I just wanted to say thank you so much.”

Stacy Cee

Founder, Stacy's Naturals

I Increased This Brand's ROAS by 14.89x in 30 Days by Re-Creating Their Entire Funnel & Ads...

$33k From Just 2 Emails...

"more sales for all of my businesses."

"Matt is amazing to work with! He helped me really connect with my audience, bring out my story to the world, and bring in more sales for all of my businesses. He is a great marketer and an amazing man! You’ll love working with him."

John Anton

Founder, ERC Together, Over $150 Million sold in High-Ticket and all-time Record Holder at
Fortune Builders

Check out this "quiz funnel" that produced almost $40k in 30 days—on autopilot...

You may also be interested in discovering how This Welcome Email Here converted 50% of new subscribers into buyers!

THIS popup form converted at 23% (that's almost 1/4 site visitors signing up to this business's email list!)

THESE Automated Emails inside one of my email flows "squeezed" out $148,353.90 from only 1,117 new email subscribers...

...and they did it in just 42.5 days (that's a $132+, 42-day LTV)—these customers were worth much more 2 months later, and this was completely automated, too:

"you will love working with him!"

"Matt is the kind of guy I want on my team. When he talks, you should listen. As a former athlete, he brings his competitive nature to not just meet expectations but exceed them. I highly recommend Matt, you will love working with him!"

Libby Spears

CEO, Bravo Communication & Consulting

"an absolute ace to partner with"

"I remember first meeting Matt at an international event with a very diverse group of excellent coaches. Very quickly, I realized he was someone that belonged in the room. His knowledge, skills, and determination, make him an absolute ace to partner with. I'm very fortunate to have been able to work with him... I can't recommend Matt more than enough... to any given situation. He is the real deal!"

Sascha Schmunk

Senior Manager & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Accenture

"He literally gains energy helping others..."

"Matt is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. I had the pleasure of working very closely with him... He literally wants to win and gains energy helping others..."

Aaron Schurman

Founder, Chief Gamer, Sciplay ($460+ million revenue company)


Who is Matt Hommel?

Matt Hommel is known as the go-to email marketer & growth consultant for businesses looking to scale Year over Year (YoY). Matt has generated $30,000,000+ for his clients, with $22,000,000+ coming from just his emails alone. 

He's also helped brands blow past $2 million per month through their email marketing channel, increase their valuation by 125% in 4 months, and has also generated $100,000,000 in leads through only one webinar funnel.

(3rd person, I know—but it feels like bragging saying the above in 1st person. The following below is in 1st person and from yours, truly).

How does your email list management service work again?

For my Email List Management Service: I'm basically your email marketing director. I handle all the Tech Stuff. Scheduling. Data/reporting. Strategy. Deliverability. Custom Automations. Core Email Flows.

I make sure you're email marketing strategy is making you money, aligned to your company's values, and is helping you get closer to your vision.

You will see all the emails before they get sent to your list, unless you tell me it's not necessary. I communicate with your content team to avoid any conflicting promos/discounts/offers. You can also take advantage of cross-pollination in this service, so you can take our email promo calendar ideas and re-distribute them across all your social & other content channels—and even run ads to them if you'd like!

Everything email marketing is off your plate. That being said, if you're a more senior content director or VP at an SMB reading this, and you still want more control over the promo cycle, we will communicate these ideas in advance to ensure full cohesion between your email channel and your company's or publication's marketing calendar. If you have additional questions, schedule a call with me here and we can discuss more of the logistics.

Does everything have to be done “your way” or can you work within the SOPs we have?

I don't want to change anything if you don't want to. 

As an established business, I know you have systems you've ironed out over the years, between different softwares & data hubs...

UNLESS you yank on my arm and beg me to do something differently, we'll do it your way. 


99.99999% of the time, I try as hard as humanly possibly to work WITH my clients based on their internal operating procedures, CRMs, LP builders, analytic softwares, either way—so everything will be okay when we work together.

Do we have to use certain softwares in order to work with you?

No. I work in various softwares across my clients, and I likely use yours, too.

I’m a power user of Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, ClickFunnels, PowerBI, GA4, and more.

Whatever you’re using, I’ve likely used it before...

And if I haven’t, I’ll know it in a matter of hours:

Don’t worry, I’m resourceful.

I will bet you $100. 

Not kidding, I will seriously PayPal you $100 if you use a software that is foreign territory to me...

And you can click the button below to schedule a call for us to find out.

Can I trust you with my trade secrets and proprietary data?

As said earlier, I have $30,000,000+ in documented results that I CAN tell you about. Other clients I have strict NDAs with, and other brands I’ve done projects with I cannot tell you much about…

If I were to count them, I’d easily have $45M+ in documented results. But of course, I’m not going to breach my integrity. I can assure you, I maintain confidential information with some of the largest businesses whose names you know, and your information is respected and safe.

And I’m always cool with signing an NDA or whatever if it makes you more comfortable.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. You will not lose a dollar out of pocket or in opportunity cost and your time spent. We only work with those we can offer this guarantee to, so there's no risk. If your business is making over $1MM in ARR and you're looking to scale, schedule your call to learn more. 

Got more questions?

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