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What Elite Business Minds & CEOs Say About Matt...

“Matt’s project-specific work drove conversions across multiple campaigns with fresh ideas, new angles and actionable copy. His attention to detail, story-telling and personal connection through his copywriting resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, new customer acquisition and ascension, and increased revenue for the company.”

John Hutchinson

Co-Founder, Traders Reserve LLC, 2-time ClickFunnels Comma Club Award Winner
"Matt is amazing to work with! He helped me really connect with my audience, bring out my story to the world, and bring in more sales for all of my businesses. He is a great marketer and an amazing man! You’ll love working with him."

Johnny Anton

Founder, Close With Us Agency, Over $50 Million sold in High-Ticket and all-time Record Holder at Fortune Builders 
"Matt is the kind of guy I want on my team. When he talks,you should listen. As a former athlete, he brings his competitive nature to not just meet expectations but exceed them. I highly recommend Matt, you will love working with him!" 

Libby Spears

CEO, Bravo Communication & Consulting, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
"I remember first meeting Matt at an international event with a very diverse group of excellent coaches. Very quickly, I realized he was someone that belonged in the room. His knowledge, skills, and determination, make him an absolute ace to partner with. I'm very fortunate to have been able to work with him... I can't recommend Matt more than enough... to any given situation. He is the real deal!" 

Sascha Schmunk

Senior Manager & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Accenture 
"Matt is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. I had the pleasure of working very closely with him... He literally wants to win and gains energy helping others..." 

Aaron Schurman

Founder, Chief Gamer, Sciplay ($460+ million revenue company), & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
"Matt has a bright future in the business world... I recommend him with confidence and without reservation." 

Mike DeAnzeris

CEO, Strategic Media Sales Group, and partner to Fortune 500 companies (clients such as Citibank, Meredith Corp, Hanley Wood, and more)

About Matt Hommel

Matt is a direct response copywriter & marketing strategist. He is famous for helping businesses rapidly scale through high-converting sales funnels & email marketing. He grew his own marketing agency & consulting company from 0-> $206k in only 5 months. 

Over the years, Matt has served as a coach & consultant to dozens of business owners, worked on campaigns with Fortune 500 clients, 2-time comma club winners, and has been privately trained & certified by both Jason Capital and The Agora's Mr. X on the most advanced marketing and copywriting strategies used to produce over $1.5 billion a year in sales.

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